Thinking Into Results Program 24 weeks Basic £7,200


Thinking Into Results Elite Program One Year £20,000


“If you had of told me 4 months ago, that I would have taken over the company that made me redundant, paid off all the debt and turned over 200k, I would have thought you were having a laugh.   But thats exactly what we did”

Maria Hall

This is the most thorough program I have been involved in.  This has really helped me get out of my head and bring my dreams forward.  Finally I am running the international business of my own that I wanted to for the past 20 years.  I need a telescope to see where I was 7 months ago.  Finally, fabulous feelings inside me now.  First I made my annual salary my monthly and now I have just doubled that!!  Thank you.

Brian Houston

Sheena, I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the smartest, most astute and brightest coaches I have ever worked with.  Working with the TIR program this past month and thoroughly following your and the programs instructions, have made me 4 new coaching clients in that short period of time!!  How amazing is that!!  So looking forward to what more successes it will bring into my life in the next months !!

Barbara Vercruysse


“What can I say, Sheena’s work was the foundation of taking our team from KPI reports averaging 45% to 97-100%.”

David Doig, Operations Director, Mitie

“We were a strong team last year, and we have now outperformed my expectations following Sheena’s input.  We are the number one performing team in the company.”

Andrew Wilcher, General Manager, Medartis

“Sheena has done in an hour, what normally takes a year, to develop a partnership and understand a customer’s needs.  I wish she could be with me every day”  

Leanne, Relationship Manager, RBS, Chester

“I was lucky enough to have two sessions with Cantar Ltd which involved looking at my strengths and interpreting how I can work to my full potential.  It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend to anyone who is looking to develop and grow in business and on a personal level.  Sheena was a pleasure to work with and has a passion and enthusiasm that shines through in every interaction”  

Katie Griffiths, Bank Manager, RBS, Chester

“One of my employees was struggling with confidence, and after an hour’s session with Sheena, his confidence shot through the roof and he now outperforms anything he has done before.  I also know how to manage him in meetings, so our time together is more productive”  

Ben Owen, CEO, FastWayToFitness, NorthWales

“Sheena helped me to understand my strengths as a leader and in working in partnership with my management team, how I can be even more effective, driving performance and profit.”  

Kavita Oberoi OBE, Oberoi-Consulting

“Cantar Ltd carried out an an employee engagement survey for my business.  The service was exceptional in helping me understand gaps and vulnerabilities in my management practice.  A full programme of development was discussed which is currently being driven forward.” 

Jeremy, Managing Director, Powersolutions, Chester

“Cantar Ltd worked with my Regional Sales Leadership team on a one to one, and workshop basis.  Each team member understood how they managed themselves and how they could better manage their own teams.  Not only that, but to understand the power of partnerships and how they interacted with their peer group has been invaluable in forging through more productive sales environment.  I am looking forward to the results, and am keen to drive this culture of strength to more team members”  

Danny Moore, Head of Sales, Boehringer-Ingelheim

Having looked at the sales for the only team manager to have taken on board using Strengths with her team, I can confirm that this team has been working more cohesively and this has turned into the best sales of all teams.  I am encouraging my other team managers to utilise Cantar Ltd to drive performance.

Danny Moore, Head of Sales, Boehringer-Ingelheim

“What an amazing experience to have a one to one with Sheena from Cantar Ltd.  Although I had my strengths report from Gallup, Sheena took it to another level.  Not just professionally but also on a personal level.  Sheena worked with my team who all experienced the same level of insight.  This has helped to create an environment of trusted partnership working and I am looking forward to the results.  I have recommended her to other colleagues who i know will benefit from her work.” 

Lynne Bannerman, Business Manager, Bayer

“I worked with Sheena on a one to one personal and professional level.  Within one session, Sheena had helped me understand my gaps and vulnerabilities just to realise that I was not working within my Strengths.  When we looked at what i was good at, it was a realisation that I wasn’t working to my full potential and needed a job which would help me be me.  She helped me base my Resume on my strengths, and within 2 weeks, I had a new job and am more happy and fulfilled in my career, than I have been in a long time.”  

Anwen, NHS Manager, North Wales

“Since working with Sheena on a one to one coaching basis, I have had the confidence to start my own business.  I understood that I was not playing to my full potential and by working to my strengths, I am more confident in my abilities than ever.  My business is growing from Strength to Strength!”  

Wolfgang Gold, Hotel Consultant, Gold Hotel Solutions

“After just completing the Strengths insights and workshop, the work provided by Cantar Ltd has surpassed my expectations.  I have utilised my own personal learnings on a day to day basis and am keeping the Culture of Strengths alive in the team going forward”

Mark Wells, Training and Development, Napp Pharmaceuticals